Biographical Info
Timothy D. Howell

With an 18-year successful track record in public speaking and training engagements, Timothy’s ability to captivate his audience has allowed him to build a successful career spanning across many industries, including Social Services, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Retail and Government. He is a sought after speaker, trainer, mentor and coach that prides himself in this philosophy, ‘Leave a legacy then breadcrumbs are unnecessary’. He is affectionately known as ‘That Training Guy with the Bow Tie’.

Determination and unfaltering commitment to success has landed Timothy D. Howell many leadership roles working directly with senior leaders at various Fortune 100 companies. He has consulted with and coached many corporate leaders and executives in managing change, cultural diversity, conflict resolution, and implementing effective customer service initiatives. He is skilled in analyzing and interpreting organizational structures, developing strategic direction, and creating processes that add value, focus on efficiency, as well as meet company objectives.

Timothy’s goal as a HR & Operations professional is creating a strategic alignment of the right people performing the right role at the right time to help achieve ultimate organizational success. Specifically, Timothy has held Director Level role in the private and public sector for over 15 years, including:

  • State Farm Insurance, Inc.
  • Tyson Foods, Inc.
  • Walmart Stores, Inc.
  • State & Local Government

A South Side native of Chicago, Timothy was born into an opportunity that would shape the course of his esteemed hopes and dreams. Life on the rough streets of Chicago gave Timothy a front row seat to the detriment that ultimately claimed the life of his brother, Victor Jr., who was brutally murdered by a friend over a disagreement that amounted to less than $3.00.

Although the loss of his brother took its toll, Timothy used this adversity as a springboard, becoming steadfast in accomplishing the highest of goals and achievements set before him. He received a bachelor’s degree in Communications and went on to receive a Masters in Business Administration, both from the University of Illinois – Springfield.

Timothy is a family man – he loves spending time with his wife, Brandi, and being a doting father to two beautiful daughters, Alexis and Khrystiana. It is his life’s dream to see them all attain the highest achievements and be a beacon of light that shines for others to follow.

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